Wednesday, May 29, 2013


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25% off Reverence Packet #5 
*Just $27.00*
This packet includes the following 10
Pre-printed heavy duty pellon® pages, patterns and instructions:

1. Tend to your bees – 3 removable snap or velcro bees and “The Six Bees” word tags with 6 pockets.
2. The Liahona was a compass that worked by faith and obedience – 5 piece strip puzzle.
3. Jaredite Journey Jigsaw – story of the Jaredites with 12 puzzle pieces.
4. How many stones did the brother of Jared need for the barges? – zipper pocket with 16 “white and clear” stones.
5. Noah’s Dot Game – the “Dot” game with ark animals. Use a dry erase marker.
6.-7. A Word of Wisdom for me and you, fruits and veggies are good too – separate 12 pictures of good food and bad stuff, also a treat pocket for “Fruit Snacks” or candy “Runts”.
8. Send a letter to a missionary – mailbox with notepad/pencil, photo pocket and place for a “Future Missionary” badge.
9.-10. Temple Time – learn to tell time with 12 removable clocks/color match up.

25% off Quiet Book Packet #3
*Just $27.00*

This package contains the following 10
Pre-printed heavy duty pellon® pages, patterns and instructions:

1. – 2.  String a “Fruit Hoop” necklace. – Cereal bowl pocket with “fabric fruit hoops” to string onto a shoe lace (necklace). Treat Pocket for cereal and shoe string licorice.
3. What are little girls made of? Sugar and Spice and all that’s nice. – Removable purse for little girl’s stuff. Mirror, comb, chap stick, necklace, bracelet, earrings, candy necklace, etc.
4. What are little boys made of? Frogs and Snails and puppy dog tails. –Removable car garage for boy’s stuff. Car map and cars, small plastic animals, treat pocket, etc.
5. – 6. “I Spy” quilt match up. – Match up fabrics and pictures. 18 different fabric pockets with 18 tags to match up. Example: beehive tag – bee fabric pocket, chicken tag – egg fabric pocket, trumpet tag – music fabric pocket, flower tag – grass fabric pocket, snowman tag – snowflake fabric pocket, etc.
7. Take a good look, at your new book. – Your choice of a story book on a book worm page.
8. – 9. What can you spell with your alphabet soup? – Help a child to spell. Two soup bowl pockets with 2 sets of letters inside to spell words up to 10 letters.
10. Grandfather clock goes “Tick”, “Tock”. Set the time on the clock. – Help a child learn to tell time. Clock pocket with 20 clock pieces to set the time on the clock.

*Purchase Reverence Packet #5 and or Quiet Packet #3 just $27.00 (regularly $35.00) through my web site & receive an $8.00 refund check per packet with your order*. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hello & Welcome Quiet Book Guests
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I am sorry that I have been behind on my blog. My son, Kyle Stocking died March 24th at Corona Arch in Moab, Utah on the rope swing. His story was seen world wide, you may have seen it on the news. 
I hope to get caught up with life asap!!!!!!
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