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Hello and welcome to Unique Quiet Books blog!

My name is Linda Stocking. I made my first quiet book over 28 years ago when I had a two-year old and was pregnant with my second child. I purchased a quiet book pattern. Then I traced the patterns onto Pellon® pages, painted the pages with tri-chem® paints, and added felts and Velcro®. It took me several months of tearing my hair out to create. The finished product looked nice, but when I took it to church for the first time, within a few minutes my little girl had pulled some of the buttons off the page! The quiet book was not worth the time or effort.

After my first failed attempt at quiet books, I began experimenting with creating more durable quiet books of my own. I understood the value of a quiet book as a means to keep my children entertained when I needed them to be good—like at church, at the doctor’s office, on plane rides, or even when at the store. And I wanted to make something that was more durable and required less hair pulling.

So I began creating quiet books with my own patterns and designs. I would hand draw pictures onto Pellon pages and then color the pages and sew fabrics onto them. The end result looked nice, but it was still not durable enough for children and not the professional look that I wanted. And the pages were still extremely time-consuming to make.

About this time, I started getting a lot of feedback from my sisters and others that I should make some to sell. But with the amount of time they took to create, the price for the labor alone would have been outrageous!

About thirteen years ago I learned how to print my art work onto heavy duty Pellon, thus solving my biggest problem—how to make creating the handmade quiet books less time-consuming. I will never go back to hand drawing onto the pages and creating every piece again!

Since then, my quiet books have continued to evolve into even more attractive, skill-oriented, and durable pages. And the best part is that they are pre-printed onto heavy duty Pellon. I’ve learned how to reinforce them so they are stronger and more durable and will outlast any other quiet book.

Because my quiet book pages are larger than most (9 ½” x 11”), they have more activities than quiet books with smaller pages. And my quiet books are educational.  Over the years I have learned how to make really wonderful pages with many different activities and skills using more than just Velcro. And while I believe that Velcro is fantastic for a quiet book, I recognize that there should be a lot more than pulling off the page pieces and replacing them. Quiet books should have a lot of different skills, textures, and removable parts, with interactive features that not only keep children’s interest but teach them as well. And with 114 religious, non-religious, and pioneer pages to choose from, I’m certain you will be able to find a variety of pages that you and your children will love.

I have come a long way since creating my first quiet book 28 years ago. There is no hair pulling and frustration involved in my quiet books because I learned the hard way how to make them last through all your children (and even your grandchildren!) and how to make them in minimal time. No two-year old could tear the buttons off my quiet book pages like my little girl did with my first quiet book, since I have gone the lengths to make sure your quiet book will last forever. And because it will be a product handmade by you, it will be a family treasure and something I guarantee that your children (and grandchildren) will love and will keep them entertained during all those quiet times.

My Quiet Book pages and patterns are truly Unique! Just take a look at my web site and see  www.ldsquietbooks.com or click the Website tab.


  1. Just had my first grandbaby! Can't wait to start a tradition of quiet books as gifts for my sweet little ones.

  2. Working on the green reverence packet that I bought while visiting Utah several years ago. Haven't quite figured out the Love one another page I know it's to teach braiding with the yarn but don't quite understand what to cut out ? Where does the printed heart with the face go? Bought 2 heart prints to cut out hearts but not sure now what to do.? Love your patterns made a quite book over 35 yrs ago and it was hours of work like your first. Hope to make more for other grandchildren. Wish I could attend a class but I'm in California

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    1. I just saw this! Yes, I teach classes several times of the year.
      My next class will be this coming Thursday. Oct. 8th.
      Please call if you have questions!