Monday, August 31, 2015

October Fall Class 2015

Call Linda for all fall class details 801-656-9780
October Quiet Book Class
Date: Thursday Oct. 8th
Time: 3 pm - 8 pm
Place: My Home
2 Reverence Book Pages
"Temple Time"
Let's dress up! Come and create these 
2 Temple Time pages and make bride and groom
 paper dolls using my stencils/patterns and scrap 
booking paper (or bring your own) for clothing.
 Dolls and clothing can be laminated for durability.
 Optional: add additional clothing. Teach the importance 
of eternal families. Ideas: print temples, mazes, word search 
etc... from "The Friend". Purchase temple cards or 
print the ones from "The Friend" (where you live) and cut into 
puzzle pieces. I will have samples. Storage pockets in
 between pages for dolls and optional teaching materials.
Match up 12 face clocks to their time and/or colors. I have added buttons 
for the flowers and craft floss for the blossoms on the trees/bushes.
Come to my class and I will show you how!
November Quiet Book Class
Date: Thursday, Nov. 5th
Time: 3 pm - 8 pm
Place: My Home
2 Reverence Book Pages
"L.D.S. I Spy Quilt"
These are fun pages! Teach your child 18 different Bible
 and Book of Mormon stories by matching 18 tags to
 fabric pockets. These are a must see to believe reverence book pages!
 18 great FHE lessons for families with young and older children.
Purchase my reinforced precision cut fabrics or bring your own.
December Quiet Book Class
Date: Thursday, Dec. 3rd
Time: 3 pm - 8 pm
Place: My Home
2 Reverence Book Pages
"The books in the Book of Mormon"
Primary song #119. "First and second books of Nephi, 
Jacob, Enos, Jarom, Omni....". Sing along to the tune 
"10 Little Indians" and learn/teach the books in the 
Book of Mormon in order. 15 removable colored card stock pieces
 to match up to stories on the pages. Color match up for younger children.
 Come and learn how to make storage pockets in between 
the pages for other Book of Mormon activities from "The Friend".
Come see my samples at the class.

September's Class
"Oh! Where is my head?
These two pages are a must have! 
Your children will love to mix and match 
up 8 removable animal heads to 
8 different bodies. Very simple to color and sew.
Storage pockets can be made in between the pages to add
 additional animal pictures, photos with your children at
 the zoo, mazes, animals stories etc... the possibilities are endless.
Sign up for a class and I will show you how!