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Unique Quiet Books August Class in 2 days!


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August Special
 Reverence Pink Packet #7 
25% off just $27.00
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Pink Packet #7 includes the following 
10 "pre printed" pages
 (onto heavy duty Pellon®)
instructions and patterns:

1. Time for Church - Help a child learn to tell time.
Clock pocket with 20 clock pieces to set the time on the 
2.-3. Easter story. - Match up 24 egg tags that tell the
Easter story with scriptures and pictures. Number & Color
Pattern match up.
4.-5. L.D.S. "I Spy" quilt match up. - Match up fabrics  
and pictures. 18 different fabric pockets with 18 tags to
match up. Example: beehive tag - bee fabric pocket,
plaques of Egypt tag - frog fabric pocket, Word of Wisdom
tag - veggie fabric pocket etc. (Fabrics can be purchased
separately while my supplies last).
6.-7. The Books in the Book of Mormon - Primary Song -
Learn the books in order. Match up the 15 removable
books & scriptures with pictures. Can be made for color & 
number match up also.
8.-9. Saturday is a special day - Primary Song - Learn
the words to "Saturday" by placing 14 outfits in order onto
4 clotheslines, using clothes pins. Match up numbers 1-14.

10. Fishers of Men - Fishing pole/magnet to pick up 8 
different "fabric fish". Removable fishing net bag for "fabric 
fish" and "Swedish Fish" candy treats.
(A very strong magnet(s) or fishing pole kit can be
purchased separately while my supplies last).

Regular price of Packet $35.00
Refund check with web site order or call Linda
801-566-6824 with a credit card (through paypal) 
and get 25% off at time of purchase 

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"Remember the 10 Commandments" $8.75 two page layout (unfinished)

                              Finished Sample Pages from packet #8 
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