Friday, January 23, 2015

Quiet Book Class February 19th 2015

I will instruct you how to make a board
 story that folds (tri-fold) and stores inside
 my Quiet Book pages. 
So come and create with our fun group of ladies!
Or work on other pages. I will also instruct on "getting started".
This board story (flannel board) is very durable. 
The inside is made of plastic instead of card board.
 The class fee will include the plastic and printed temple.
Bring your own fabrics/materials or purchase mine.

There are three board pieces that a child can lace up.
Two shoes laces connect the pieces by lacing up and then down.
Print your own scripture Book of Mormon or Bible figures
 (onto card stock) at "The Friend" magazine.
Reduce figures to about 65%.
On the back side of figures, glue different 
colors/styles of scrap booking paper, so that you can
 separate the different stories. Add sticky loop velcro to the
 back sides of each figure. I typed up the stories and printed 
them onto the scrap booking paper, then 
glued to the back sides of figures. 
Class Date: Thursday, February 19th 2015
Time: 5-9 pm (early birds 3-5 pm $5 extra)
Place: My Home 6678 S. 2200 W. West Jordan Ut.
Call Linda or Deseret Book for class signs ups
Linda 801-656-9780 Deseret Book Fort Union 801-561-8777
The class fee is $26 (or pay $18.20 by signing up @ Deseret Book)

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